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Blessings Upon Blessings

On Tuesday, May 3rd, I returned from California after attending the wedding of Ashley and Michael. Ashley is the daughter of my dear friend Ralph, who passed away in 1998 in a drowning accident while we were swimming on Long Beach Island. Ashley asked me to share the father daughter dance with her and it was one of the truly special moments of my life. As we danced, we talked about both Ralph and Megan and I am certain that they were dancing with us.

Upon returning home, as I emptied out Megan’s old backpack that I had used as a carryon, I found an old flash disk on which she had saved the following essay. There’s nothing more to say other than I am blessed.

Just for Today – April 24, 2006 – Megan Irene Timm

I can best explain how wonderful my life has been in one word, today. I’ve found that living “just for today” can be the most rewarding experience life has to offer. Today I witnessed one dark and dreary day turn into a truly beautiful afternoon. I found that no matter how bad things may look, they can always get better. I’ve learned to always give things a second chance and not to judge people or things on their past or even hearsay. You’ve got to learn things on your own, and I’ve learned a lot on my own, living and enjoying life the best way I know how.

To me living just for today, means living in the moment and not worrying about what the future may hold. We have to make our own futures one day at a time. When everything seems to be going wrong and we’re not sure if we can make it through, we must realize that it won’t last forever, things always get better. Today I saw things get better. When I woke up this morning and looked out the window I found myself disappointed by the harsh and heavy rain falling from the dark and cloudy sky. Instantly I lay back down and pulled my pink comforter back over my head, I didn’t want to wake-up but I figured I’d give this new day a chance. My father always told me “You can start your day over at any time.” When I was little I always thought my daddy was silly, now I see that he was serious and that he was telling the truth.

So, after I decided to crawl out of my bed, wash my face, and brush my teeth, I saw the rain begin to let up. Twenty Minutes later while sitting in the living room on my black leather couch I received a phone call. On the other end I heard someone ask me if I wanted to go bowling. I happily agreed and hopped in the shower so I could get ready. Bowling turned out to be a lot of fun, we were dancing on the lanes and I even bowled a 96! After we began to walk outside I saw the sun was shining and it had even gotten warmer. I was surprised and eager to continue on with this beautiful day. Next we headed off to the Regal Barn Cinemas to see the movie Silent Hill. We bought a large popcorn and had brought in our drinks we purchased at Redner’s at a cheaper price than the drinks at the concession stand. The movie was horrifying, but most enjoyable. We decided to call it a day and head home.

It’s been a while since a day like this one last occurred. I came home with a huge smile on my face. I was surprised to see such a gloomy day turn into such a fun-filled day. Its days like these that make life worth living, days like these that give life meaning. Today, I’m not worried about tomorrow, I’m focused on today. Come what may.

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